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Faded Peony
RL Number: RM01

Taylor Pink
RL Number: RM02

Dewdrop Pink
RL Number: RM03

York Purple
RL Number: RM04

Huntington Lilac
RL Number: RM05

Manchester Purple
RL Number: RM06

Marquis Grey
RL Number: RM07

Clivedon Grey
RL Number: RM08

Green Teal
RL Number: RM09

Palace Silver
RL Number: RM10

Silver Grey
RL Number: RM11

RL Number: RM12

Silver Plated
RL Number: RM13

Ambassador Sterling
RL Number: RM14

Iron Gate
RL Number: RM15

Garden Twilight
RL Number: RM16

Turquoise Sea
RL Number: RM17

RL Number: RM18

Rich Blue
RL Number: RM19

Duchess Blue
RL Number: RM20

Great Hall
RL Number: RM21

Thatcher Green
RL Number: RM22

Tudor Green
RL Number: RM23

Polo Field
RL Number: RM24

Sage Chiffon
RL Number: RM25

RL Number: RM26

RL Number: RM27

RL Number: RM28

Great Hall Cream
RL Number: RM29

Bardsley Grey
RL Number: RM30

Sussex Grey
RL Number: RM31

Wadsworth Grey
RL Number: RM32

Champagne Toast
RL Number: RM33

Parlor Gold
RL Number: RM34

Golden Candlesticks
RL Number: RM35

Summer Gold
RL Number: RM36

Golden Buttermilk
RL Number: RM37

Golden Light
RL Number: RM38

Lush Brown
RL Number: RM39

Bronze Statue
RL Number: RM40
The color of the wet paint contained in your sample may appear different from that of your color chip. Once the paint is applied and dry, the color will be consistent with your color chip. On-screen swatches are photo representations and do not reflect color with 100% accuracy; therefore we recommend visiting our comprehensive color display for exact paint chip replication. For those colors requiring use of Deeptone Primer, we suggest painting two coats on a 1ft. x 1ft. area for the most accurate color representation. Please call our Paint Specialists at 1-800-379-POLO to find out where you can purchase our products.
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