RL Glossary

The various steps required prior to the installation of wallpaper to insure successful installation.

A leading furniture wood; soft and pleasing of grain. While the trunks of walnut trees are straight-grained and provide little figure, wood of decided grain is obtained from stumps; figured walnut is also obtained from the “burl.” Walnut has great strength, cuts well, carves handily, and takes a fine polish.

The yarns hat run lengthwise or, up the bolt, in a woven fabric.

The ability of paint to be easily cleaned without wearing away during cleaning.

A wallcovering designed for cleaning with a sponge and mild soap and water. All Ralph Lauren wallpapers are washable.

Water Spotting
A paint appearance defect caused by water droplets. Also known as surfactant resistance.

Weaver Brush
A brush that imprints the distinctive texture of fabric into glaze. Used to apply the Ralph Lauren Chambray and Linen Techniques.

Yarn which interlaces at right angles with warp yarn in a woven fabric. Also referred to as filling.

An upholstered chair with a high back, stuffed arms, and wing-shaped protectors at head level protruding from the back over the arms.

The development of ridges and furrows in paint when it dries.