RL Glossary

A 100% cotton single ply yarn sheeting construction greige goods. Thread counts are in either the 7-/70 or 70/80 range. This is a significantly less expensive greige goods than two-ply.

Tack Rag
A piece of loosely woven cloth that has been dipped into a varnish oil and wrung out. When it becomes tacky or sticky, it is used to wipe a surface to remove small particles of dust.

Sticky condition of paint during drying, between wet and dry-to-touch stage.

Originally hand-woven, often depicting historical scenes. It is a heavy fabric woven on a Jacquard loom. The design, resembling embroidery, is woven during manufacture, becoming an essential part of the fabric structure.

Tongue or projecting part of woods that is fitted into a corresponding hole or mortise.

Top framework of a high-post canopy or draped bed, of wood or fabric.

Texture Paint
Paint that can be manipulated by brush, roller, trowel or other tool to produce various tactile effects.

Solvents used to thin coatings.

Veneered work of three layers, the grain of the two outside layers being across the grain of the center.

Tint Base
The basic paint in a custom color system to which colorants are added.

18th century French fabric printed in a classical design pattern.

NGUE AND GROOVE –Wood joint, in which ka continuous projecting member fits into a similar rabbet or groove.

The ability of paint to be spot repaired (usually within a few months of painting) without showing color or gloss differences.

A treatment applied to a certain area of a printed fabric to enhance the value of a color, i.e., to make it deeper.

Triadic Color Scheme
A color scheme using any three colors that are equally spaced from each other on the color wheel.

Trim Brush
Short-handled, balanced brush suitable for any type of interior finish.

In upholstery, the tying down of an upholstered surface by means of a button sewed through the upholstery.

The shaping of legs or trim obtained by using a lathe.

A colorless liquid that is used as a thinner for oil paints and varnishes, distilled from the products of the pine tree.

A cloth which shows a diagonal or bais pattern in regular repeat.

The primary greige goods used for printing Ralph Lauren fabrics. Two-ply yarns consist of two strands twisted together to form a single yarn. The yarn is then woven into a fine plain or sheeting weave fabric. The two-ply construction adds bulk, texture and strength to the woven fabric.