RL Glossary

A manufactured fiber composed of regenerated cellulose obtained from wood pulp or cotton linters. The process involves dissolving the solid cellulose into a liquid and then rehardening it into a solid.

Chaise longue shaped like an ancient Roman bed or reclining couch with gracefully curved high end; named after Mme. Recamier.

The reverse of fluting. A decoration consisting of parallel lines formed by beaded mountings projecting from the surface.

Refectory Table
A long, narrow table originally used in dining rooms of religious orders.

The ratio of the light that radiates onto a surface to the amount that is reflected.

In printed wallpapers the relative location of the elements of a design. Wallpapers are either in-register or out-of-register. Corresponds to fit in printed fabrics.

Related Colors
Two colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.

Any ornamentation raised above the surface or background.

Substances used to soften old varnish or paint so they can be easily removed.

18th century English round or octagonal pedestal table with drawers marked with days of the week or dates. They were used by the landlord as a sort of filing arrangement in collecting rents.

The distance between identical points in a design.

A natural or synthetic material that is the main ingredient of paint and the binds the ingredients together.

A treatment applied to certain areas in a printed fabric to lighten the color of dye applied. For example, when red is applied to a resist treated area in a pattern it may appear as a light rose color.

A chair with an entwined ribbon motif ornament.

As opposed to railroaded in fabric weaving. Stripes or pattern run with warp threads rather than across width of fabric, e.g., Ticking Stripe Brown. Also, called "up the bolt."

A style of decoration distinguished by a profusion of meaningless, but often delicately executed, ornaments in imitation of rockwork, shells, foliage and massed scrolls.

A paint application tool having a revolving cylinder covered with lambs wool, fabric, foamed plastic or other material.

When paint dries with a stringy look because it did not flow evenly into the surface.

An ornament resembling the rose.

(South America and India) Dark chestnut or red brown wood streaked and grained with black. Takes a fine polish.

A high speed automated screen printing method for both wallpapers and fabrics.

A high speed cylinder printing method for wallpapers.

Any ornamental disk or motive enclosed in a circular shape, such as a rosette, medallion, patera, etc.

Decorative engraved lines made by a portable revolving spindle.

Run. a
n. A single production unit in which all rolls of a given pattern are printed on grounds of the same dye lot and with the same inks. Rolls of wallpaper of the same run should match exactly.

Blemished film caused by excessive flow of coating.