RL Glossary

Coarse-textured, hard, durable wood valuable for woodworking.

The opposite condition from in-register.

A compound curve, the directions of which are opposite to those of the Cyma curve.

Oil Stains
There are two types of oil stains, penetrating and non-penetrating. Penetrating oil stains contain dyes and resins that penetrate to the surface; non-penetrating oil stains contain larger amounts of pigment and are usually opaque or translucent.

The relative ability of an ink to cover the color which is underneath it. Coverage.

Opaque Coating
A coating that hides the previous surface coating.

Orange Peel
Fill having the roughness of an orange due to poor roller or spray application.

A metal resembling gold. Used as mounts and decorative effects on furniture.

Low upholstered seat, without arms or back, used as a footstool.

The opposite condition from in-fit.

A continuous ornament in the form of an egg which generally decorates the molding called “quarter round.” Eggs are often separated from one another by pointed darts.