RL Glossary

In fabrics, the reaction of the sense of touch when fabrics are held in the hand.

rdness - The ability of paint to resist denting, scratching or marring.

Hat Banding
Caused by excessive cutting-in of the walls, corners, trim and ceiling areas with a brush or by rolling walls with an excessively long nap roller cover, producing a heavy textured application when compared to brush applied cut-in areas. It may also be caused when applying a wet finish coat onto areas that are already dry.

Hiding Power
The ability of paint to hide the previous surface or color.

In a fabric or wallpaper the distance from side-to-side between identical points in a design.

The basis of a color.

A chest or cabinet with doors, usually on legs.

Hvlp (High Volume Low Pressure) Sprayer
A sprayer that uses a high volume of low-pressure air to atomize paint. Used to apply Ralph Lauren Duchesse Satin finish.