RL Glossary

A molding carved on edges either of flat areas or of turnings resembling short convex or concave flutes or ruffles.

Small railing of metal or wood, or a raised rim, around the tops of tables, cabinets, buffets, etc.

Ornamental braid, used to cover upholstery tacks.

A term used to describe several types of finishing materials. 1) A glazing-putty is of creamy consistency and is applied to fill imperfections in the surface. 2) A glazing stain is a pigmented stain applied over a stained, filled or painted surface to soften or blend the original color without obscuring it. 3) A glaze coat is a clear finish applied over previously coated surfaces to create a gloss finish.

The luster or shininess of paints and coatings are generally classified as matte, flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, or gloss; the latter has the highest reflecting ability.

Simulating the grain of wood by means of specially prepared colors of stains and the use of graining tools or special brushing techniques.

The fabric substrate upon which a pattern is printed. Ralph Lauren fabrics are printed on a number of greige goods including, Two-ply cotton, T140 and T150 sheeting, sateens, twills, marina cloth, Yukon cloth and velvets to name the most common.

Metal lattice work used in a great many 18th century bookcases.

French coarse stitch embroidery used for upholstering chairs, etc.

The wallpaper substrate upon which a wallpaper pattern is printed.