RL Glossary

A flat Jacquard weave, usually woven in one color but sometimes in two. The pattern is achieved by reversing solid areas of the positive and negative sides of a satin weave. During the 12th century, beautiful patterned silks were woven in Damascus and brought to Europe by Marco Polo, hence the name Damask.

An upholsterer in Boston, named Davenport, made such handsome and luxurious overstuffed couches that people began to speak of these couches as “Davenports.” This word has now been replaced by the word “sofa.”

corative motif; any conventional flower or leaf design.

A gelled solvent used to clean and temporarily remove gloss from a painted surface. Tends to improve adhesion of an applied paint topcoat.

Half round in design, as in a console or commode.

A classic, decorated design consisting of rectangular blocks with spaces in between, resembling teeth.

Straight-grained woods cut diagonally and put together in quarters so as to produce a diamond pattern.

Treatment of furniture, usually in the process of being antiquated, in order to make it appear older than it is. Consists of marring the surface or applying specks of glaze before varnishing.

Cloth with small geometric pattern woven on loom with special attachment.

The primary Greek order of architecture.

A unit of packaging which contains two single rolls in a single bolt. Ralph Lauren wallpapers are packaged in double rolls 10 yards (9.2 meters) long by either 20-1/2" (52CM), 25-1/4" (64CM) or 27" (68.6CM) wide.

A slubbed yarn made from silk.

Method of joining boards at the ends, as in a drawer or a case, made of interlocking tenons suggesting the form of a dovetail.

Headless pin, usually made of wood, used in the construction of furniture.

Three-toed foot occurring in 18th century furniture.

A species of a sideboard; today, used to indicate a chest for storage of clothing or cosmetics.

A paint ingredient that aids the drying of resins or hardening of the film.

Drop Front
Hinged front of desk which lowers to form a level writing surface.

A circular top table on a tripod base with a deep skirt that may contain drawers.

The stage of drying when particles of dust that settle upon the surface do not stick to the paint.

Drywall Compound
A highly extended paste used to repair cracks, holes or other defects as well as cover seams in drywall pieces.

The ability of paint to last or hold up well against destructive agents such as weather, sunlight, detergents, air pollution, abrasion or marring.

Horizontal board placed between drawers of a commode or similar piece to exclude dust.

A Specific production run of a fabric pattern in which the entire quantity is printed with the same inks on greige goods from the same production run. Fabrics from different bolts of the same dye lot should match exactly. Dye lots are sometimes referred to as "production runs" or "runs."