RL Glossary

Abrasion Resistance
Resistance to being worn away by rubbing or friction; related more to toughness than to hardness. A necessary quality for floor finishes, enamels and varnishes and d veneers.

Popular Greek and Roman decorative motif adapted from the acanthus plant. Found in almost all classic design.

A hybrid latex resin used in high quality latex coatings. Possessing better gloss and color retention than conventional latex resins.

The ability of a coating to stick to a surface.

A product feature that uses compressed gas to spray the product from its container.

Air Dry
The ability of paint to dry under normal conditions of temperature and humidity.

Airless Spray
A spray that increases the fluid pressure of paint by means of a pump that causes atomization with air, resulting in high-film build and little or no over-spray.

A high pH, reactive substance such as lye, soda or lime that can be highly destructive to paint films.

A hybrid synthetic resin with better gloss retention, color retention and abrasion resistance than conventional oil-based resins.

Angle Sash Brush
A brush that is designed with a diagonal or "slanted" end. The pointed end allows users to reach into corners and paint more easily along lines.

Conventionalized honeysuckle design from a classic Greek

Strip of wood adjoining the base of cabinets, seats and table tops extending between tops of legs or bracket feet.

A large cupboard or wardrobe, with doors and shelves for storing clothes. The earliest armoires were used for the storage of arms and armor.

Light colored wood with a closely twisted, interlaced figure.

Fine hand woven flat tapestry from the French district of the same name.